Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some changes to my blog

    Hey everyone!
    You'll notice some changes to the blog, as I learn new tips and tricks.  You will find some (older) recipes reposted here one at a time, on the main page. I will try and spread this reconstruction out over a few days so readers will also see new stuff if they slightly scroll down the main page.

    I've finally discovered how to link an individual recipe to it's category.  That means that my readers can go to "Breads" for instance, and will see a hyperlink showing the title of a particular recipe.  All one has to do is click on any blue hyperlink that sounds interesting, and it will direct you back to wherever the recipe is posted in it's entirety. 

     This frees up a LOT of room under the individual tabs for recipe categories.  I'm trying to make the site easy for readers to navigate, so I hope you will understand that this is still a learning process for me and that you'll be patient as I work a few kinks out.

     I really feel it's looking quite good so far!


  1. Good for you! Have a great day!

  2. Thank you, Athelda. How are you doing? I hope as you head into the weekend, that you're doing great!