Saturday, December 7, 2013

FB'ing With Your Adult Kids


      It's 3AM and I'm having trouble sleeping, so I thought I'd share some Facebook etiquette tips I've picked up from my adult sons.  Even though I'm in my mid 50's, I like to think I'm still somewhat kewl, yet I'm learning that there is a limit as to how much of that I am allowed to "share" on my kids' Facebook accounts.

      For example, my youngest son put up a video the other day of a speech he gave in one of his college classes.  It was freaking awesome-sauce & so I naturally hit the thumbs-up button first, to "like" it, then I felt the need to comment: 

     "GR8 job, Ty-Ty!!!!  I'm sooooo proud of u <3  You aced that!  & u looked sharp, 2!! Love & miss u oodles <3  Call me, k, or Skype me soon ;-)  L8R.....peace/out ;-0"............and I went about my other business on the computer. 
I returned to his page a short while later and my comment wasn't there anymore?!  Must be a FB glitch, I thought, and proceeded to re-post:

     Dude ~whaaaaa??  I put a comment here & it's gone?!!?  I said that was da bomb!!  And the ending was awesome-sauce!  I miss yo face & luv u bunches <3  Whazup w/ me sum time soon, k? ;-)".......and, back to my other business.  You guessed it; when I checked his page a little later my comment was once again GONE!  Then I remembered.   I'd gone too far.  Again. 

     The first time I committed this offense with one of my sons, I private messaged him to ask WHAT had I done that made him choose to delete my comment?  The reply was something like this: 

     "MOM!!!  ALL of my 800 friends on FB can see that, & I don't want them and THEIR friends.... my employer(s) & my potential girlfriend(s) to read all that ~ it's *embarrassing*!!!" 

     I had to remind him that some of his "friends" were MY "friends" too.....that didn't go over as well as I thought it would ;-(

     Anyway, the bottom line is that we must exercise some restraint when FB'ing with our adult children.  Act more like a "friend" than a Mom or Dad.  Lay off the hearts and flowers and smiley faces.  Don't over-do the lingo and by ALL. MEANS.  do NOT reference any nicknames! 

     Or, set up a blog like me and feel free to boast all you want about your kids, no matter HOW old they are!!  

Bwahaha........the delete button is under MY thumb over here ;-p ~ ROFLOL!!

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