Friday, February 3, 2012

Robert Redford Dessert

     I'm sharing this recipe which I'll be making this weekend.  Hubby mentioned it a while back & I'd never heard of it so had to do some research.  I'll be doing it with the chocolate and also vanilla pudding, but as I state below, you can change it up to suit your own taste! ~ Enjoy and as always, do come back & post to let me know if you tried any of my recipes and how you liked them!

Robert Redford Dessert

First layer:

1/2 C melted buter
1 C flour, all purpose
1 C nuts (your favorite; I like pecans)
1 Tbsp. sugar

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.  Mix all the ingredients for the first layer and then press into a 9 x 13" pan.  Bake for 20 minutes.  Let cool.

Second Layer

1 C powdered sugar
8 oz. cream cheese
1 C whipped cream (your favorite recipe OR ready-made)

Mix all the ingredients for the second layer.  Spread evenly on top of the first layer.

Third Layer

1 1/2 C chocolate pudding (your favorite recipe OR instant)
1 1/2 C vanilla pudding (your favorite recipe OR instant)

Layer each pudding evenly on top of the second layer.

Fourth Layer

1 1/2 C whipped cream (again, your favorite recipe OR ready-made)
1 Chocolate bar, frozen (1 1/2 oz. bar, your favorite---I'm using Hershey's)
1/2 C chopped nuts (your favorite, pecans over here)

Spread the whipped cream on top of the third layer creating a wavy finish.  Remove the chocolate bar from the freezer and do NOT eat it instead of shaving it on top of the dessert!  ***You shoulda bought two candy bars ~ next time you'll know.  If you are finishing with nuts, sprinkle those on top of the dessert.


  1. Love this dessert! At Thanksgiving I used Jello brand Pumpkin Spice Pudding (a seasonal product) in place of the chocolate..yummy!

  2. Oooh, sounds interesting, Diane! I'm a choc. lover so chocolate is ALWAYS good for me. My husband couldn't stop raving abt. this dessert---said it was his favorite out of all that I make!? Guess it's a keeper ;-)