Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recycle this year's holiday cards next year!

Seen on the Martha Stewart site.  I'm not a big fan of recycling Christmas cards because frankly I've never been inspired by what I've seen.  I do like these.

Recycle holiday cards as labels for presents. With a pencil, kids can draw (or stencil) the recipient's initial onto a card and cut it out. Punch a hole in the letter, and tie to gift with yarn or ribbon.


  1. I always have a problem parting with the cards, whether they be Christmas, Birthday or just because. Whatever, it represents a moment in time where you were thought about... and that's huge for me...and the cards are proof. However, after a 'number' of years... we won't go into how many...they become abundant and a problem to store... this is a great way to be able to use them yet once again and not throw them away... I can part with them this way... but not in the trash can. Thanks for sharing... this is interesting and Cool!

  2. Hi Sandy, I know what you mean. I've saved ALL the cards my sons have given me through the years, and now the cards my (new) husband's given me are in a file of their own. I'm not certain I could EVER cut into any of the cards from the above, but not everyone is as sentiment as you and I and I agree, this is an interesting option! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I do hope you'll return again soon.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & yours!

  3. Shelly, do you have a Facebook page for your blog? I don't see it on here so I thought I'd double check.

  4. Hi Fawn, I DO have a fb pg., I believe the direct link is upper left of my home pg., by StumbleUpon, etc.
    Here ya go: