Friday, October 7, 2011

The scoop

    I really want to thank all those who've supported me as I venture into the world of blogging.  I appreciate each and every one of you who follow me here and thought now might be a good time to address the recipe section I've included on this blog.

    Through the years I've had so many compliments on my cooking and have been asked time and again for my recipes.  Sometimes I share, and sometimes I don't.  LOL....we all have some things we want to keep to ourselves, otherwise that dish wouldn't be as "special" anymore.  I'm a self-taught cook who LOVES food and dreams of the day when I can actually earn money doing what I love! 

    This blog is a glimpse into my everyday life, therefore you will find recipes that underscore my tastes and preferences.  While I do try to live a somewhat healthy lifestyle, I'm not a calorie counter, per se.  I watch my portion sizes and limit snacks as well as attempt to exercise as often as I can.  My family doesn't have any dietary restrictions to date, so I won't represent something I don't actually incorporate in my home.  You're not going to find a calorie counter on my site...honestly, I'm too lazy and I don't feel it would truthfully reflect how I cook or live.  

    I still cook for an "army", so to speak, as if my kids haven't grown and flown the nest.  I still love butter.  And cheese.  I have a big sweet tooth; chocolate is a food group in my mind!

    Going forward, it is my hope that you'll read every word I try whichever recipes speak to YOU.  I promise there will be something here to appeal across the board.




  1. Awesome! I just need to find a way to add maybe 4 more hours to each day so I can find time to try these recipes out. :) If I quit my job, that'd give me 8 extra hours per day. Wonder how Jeff'd feel about that? Hmm....

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Stir Fry Chicken, Meatloaf, Pot Roast, and Paprika Chicken recipes...looking forward to trying the Manicotti. I do have one question though--if you are going to keep posting such great recipes, are you going to start a new section on how I am to maintain my weight???

  3. Steve, I'm so glad that you are trying the recipes and that you like them!! I appreciate the feedback.
    As for your waistline, read the disclaimer above! lol.....