Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hello from my kitchen!

Just wanted to share some pics with my readers.  I'll be in the kitchen all this week, preparing for a bazaar on Oct. 15th & 16th.  So far I've made enough cookie dough for 45 dozen cookies and today I'm finishing up fudge.  By day's end, I should have 36 pounds of fudge.  Later this week I'll be making 24 loaves of banana streusel bread.

Peanut Butter Fudge w/Nuts

Assembly line fashion.....

Boxes for fudge

Packaged & ready to sell!

Is your mouth watering yet??  I can tell you it sure smells good in this house!  Remember, I have pricing and order information here on my blog.  Just look for the tab at the top left of my Home page.


  1. That does look amazing! I hope you bring in lots of money.

  2. Shelly's baked goods are well worth the money.....you'll be hooked once you taste her fudge, cookies and/or banana streusel bread and will come back for more...guaranteed!

  3. Thank, babe. You're so supportive!

    Karen, I plan to! Hope to sell out; know I'll be tired but it'll be worth it.

  4. That is a lot of fudge!! I love fudge! Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I bet you sold out!

  5. Hello Kimberly! I made 36 lbs. total..and the show is this coming Sat/Sun., the 15th & 16th. Sooo...I'm still in the kitchen. Today I'm baking 20 dozen cookies & tomorrow I have 20 more dozen to bake. I froze the dough--thank goodness! Then Friday, I'm making 24 loaves of banana streusel bread for the show. Whew!! Then, another show on Oct. 29th.

  6. can i come live in your kitchen..i'd love to be surrounded by 36 lbs of fudge! :)
    found you on the blog frog gfc connect and just became a new follower-hope you'll follow back!

  7. Welcome, Holly! Sure, but you'd have to earn your keep...I'll put ya to work..lol!
    I'll check out your profile, etc. and follow you back. Be sure to check in here often--as soon as this craziness is over I'll be posting more recipes.

  8. Following via blogger. Visiting from the Blog Frog.

  9. Cleverly Changing, welcome! Thanks for the follow.