Thursday, October 6, 2011

The baking frenzy has begun....

Hello family & friends,

Just back from yet another MAJOR grocery shopping trip, gathering supplies for the 1st of several Fall bazaars I'll be participating in. 

How does 40 dozen oatmeal butterscotch cookies, 24 loaves of Banana Streusel Bread and 36 pounds of assorted chocolate & peanut butter fudge sound?  It sounds like a good time in my kitchen to me.  Yes, also a LOT of work; but I do so enjoy it.

My kitchen cupboards runneth over.  I have:

24 lbs. of sugar

Roughly 10 lbs. of flour

a Gallon of cooking oil

128 oz. of walnuts

3 huge canisters of oatmeal

9 lbs. of butter

6 dozen eggs

18 lbs. of brown sugar

20 lbs. of chocolate......

and that's just for the October 15th and 16th show. 

That should give you a hint as to how busy I am and will be for the next week.  My husband has 5 grandchildren and Grandparents Day happens to be five separate days this coming week.  I'm only slightly exaggerating!  I want to participate in that very much, so I'm really hoping I can figure out a schedule that allows me to bake around these functions.

I just pulled brownies for the hubby out of the oven.  Gotta keep my man happy!  I'm also preparing manicotti for dinner tonight, so I will share that recipe on my blog today.  There are still pictures for me to post of our visits to the Apple Orchard with the grandkids and since I've been craving apple crisp, I hope you'll continue to check my blog as I catch up with posting.

Have a great rest of the day!



  2. I love the picture of all the baking stuff out on the counter. Very creative. I was going to "follow" your blog but, I can't find the button to become a follower.

  3. Angela, welcome!! Thank you so much for reading & commenting ;-)

  4. Wow! That is a whole lot of baking stuff ... busy is mild - you are going to be crazy out of your mind! Have FUN and Enjoy every minute!