Friday, September 2, 2011

Forever etched in my heart

     The Maxwell family defines the very definition of "Southern Hospitality". 
     Doug was long overdue for a trip to TN to see his Uncle Joe, Aunt Libby & cousin Rick, so once we were settled into this new house that became a top priority.  It ended up being so much more that I'd personally expected.
     I found myself on the receiving end of prayers I've expressed for years. I came away with renewed confirmation that God DOES hear us and that if it is His will, it WILL be worth the wait.  Both Doug & I believe that everything happens for a reason and like I just said, all in God's time.  I've been waiting 53 yrs. to feel the kind of family connection that happened by the end of our first day spent with the Maxwell's. I am convinced it took that long to come to fruition because Doug's family & extended family are truly one of a kind.
     I am so honored that I've crossed paths with Joe, Lib, Rick and his wife Linda.  There simply aren't words adequate enough to express how their warm, genuine affection enveloped me and filled a void so deep that I'm forever changed.  In the face of health issues, Joe and Lib exhibited a sense of grace that is rarely found in people under far less trying circumstances.  They welcomed me into their fold as if I'd been part of the family forever.
     With heavy hearts we had to say goodbye on Thursday morning, but not before updating mailing info. and swapping email addresses.  I will forever hold the precious memories of this week in my heart. 

Uncle Joe Maxwell

Aunt Libby, Doug's cousin Rick (pink shirt)

Rick's wife, Linda & Shelly


  1. So glad it was an uplifting experience for you! Joe looks like my grandmother. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Mandi! I see the family resemblance too!

  3. I knew you would love them all as soon as you got to meet them. They do leave a very big impression on your heart. They are the sweetest, most sincere people I have the honor of calling my Aunt and Uncle. Just their whole story is amazing. I love them all with every bit of my being. Glad you and Doug had such a great time.

  4. Thank you for following my blog, Janice!!