Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blast from the Past......Santa's Whiskers Cookies

      I'm turning back the clock today, sharing a recipe for Christmas holiday cookies that my mother made for years. 
     My mother did not teach any of her 3 daughters to cook, but I definitely was drawn to cooking because of her example in the kitchen.  She made some great meals through the years, but it was at holidays that she really shined-----I swear she was "Martha Stewart" long before Martha was famous.
     I can vividly recall my mother making grand centerpieces at Easter (some kind of 3-dimensional sugar eggs that were merely for decoration, and tucked away to use on following years) as well as Christmas.  She spent a lot of time making a cookie "tree" out of graduated sizes of star shaped cookies which she frosted in green and embellished.  Again, this was only a decoration and she carefully stowed it away to use each year. 
     I carry on her tradition of making homemade treats at Christmas time, to share with my family and friends.  Growing up, we had an extra freezer in the garage, and my mother put this to use seasonally; it was common to open the doors and find tins of various types of cookies and fudge too!  My sisters and I would sneak a cookie (or half a dozen!) out of those tins EVERY year, and EVERY year my mother would get angry as she could tell we'd dipped into those goodies. 
     I cannot remember the varieties of cookies mom made each year, but I do remember "Santa's Whiskers" was one of my favorites.  Just look at the beautiful color in these---very festive.  Mom hasn't passed on too many of her recipes, unfortunately, so I had to go online to find this one.  If you've never tasted these, I hope you will give them a try.....you never know, they could become something of a tradition in YOUR house, and traditions are what make the holidays truly memorable. 
      Merry Christmas to all my readers ~

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