Friday, February 22, 2013

Pinterest pays off!

    I spend a. lot. of time on Pinterest.  I justify it because I'm running a business, therefore I often spend time pinning new inventory.
     I also find terrific ideas over there and I actually DO use them.  Today I'm sharing a creative way to decorate the front door instead of the common Spring wreath.
     I found the umbrella at Goodwill a while back.  It's from Ralph Lauren and I probably paid $2 or so!  Then I had to wait for the "right" filler to add to this creation and I found those this week.  I invented another $6.xx on these beautiful red flowers.  I rummaged through my craft room and found just the right length of silky ribbon to tie it all together. 
     Here's the end result:


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  1. Hi Ginny! I'm glad you like it---I think it's so neat & am getting a lot of "likes" on my FB photo of the above. Inexpensive, easy and UNIQUE.