Friday, March 30, 2012

Snapshots of Spring from my corner of the world

Today I actually remembered to grab the camera before hubby and I went for our daily walk.  We just love being so close to 3 gorgeous parks and all the wonderful walking trails.  I hope you enjoy these photos of Spring in Indiana!

The weather was absolutely perfect for a walk.  A little breezy, but in the low 70's. Gobs of people out taking advantage of the beautiful day!

We got back just in the knick of time; it's getting ready to blow up a storm. 

There are 2 lakes at this we walked around the larger lake, shown here

Bridge to another area of this huge park

When I see the red covered bridge I know we're almost done!


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    1. Thanks for dropping by Christine. Yes, we feel so fortunate, as I said, to live near such beautiful parks and walking trails.

  2. So pretty! I've got to get out of the city!

    1. Yes, Esther, I'm a country girl at heart ;-)
      Always nice to "see" you. Hope you are having a great weekend!