Saturday, January 7, 2012

Downloadable Declutter & Organizer Calendar

     I just happened across this 2012 calendar, which breaks down organizing tips into small, daily tasks which don't take much time.  Just think how great you'll feel at the end of the year if you even do HALF this stuff!!  I've always been a super organized person who believes everything has a place and that most of the battle is just returning things to their proper "home" so you don't waste time searching for stuff.

     Having said that, I still have things I can improve on, so this week I'm working on organizing my recipes.  I have scads of clipped recipes from magazines and the internet, etc.  that I'm typing into a Word program on my computer, then printing them, slapping a page protector on them and filing into a binder.  I've had this binder system for years, but the pages had gotten splattered with food and I'd begun cramming new clippings into said binder to the point where I would open it and have to shuffle through this huge mess to find one recipe.

     The madness had to cease!!  I've dedicated an hour or so each morning to working on it, and I should be done in just a few more days.  Call me odd, but I get such a thrill when things look nice and orderly. 

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  1. Happy organizing Shelley! Thanks for stopping by the other day and Happy New Year to you! I love organizing topics.