Saturday, November 5, 2011

Today's house project

I love Wallies.  I finally had the time today to finish decorating my laundry room and there were enough wallies left over to add some pizzazz to hubby's bathroom. 

I love how big my laundry room is!

Doug's bathroom wall needed *something*

Hubby's bathroom

The above three pics are of my (Master) bathroom.  I've used Wallies around the top as a border and purchased the distressed green cabinet at Hobby Lobby on clearance.  I absolutely love the way this bathroom turned out!


  1. I *lovelovelove* the birds on a wire over the mirror! That is the cutest thing! I have some grape wallies when I re-do the kitchen. Which will be never. LOL The leaves look great in the men's :)

  2. I had the grape wallies back in my Boise home...I LOVE those! Doug loves his bathroom "theme"!

  3. oh, fun! Am tweeting you, via blogfrog tweet discussion! Love these wallies LOL! Especially the perching birds...:))

  4. Snadra...thank you!!! The perching birds is actually wall art, the wallies are above, as a border.