Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Take a step back in time with me

Bronnenberg House

The Bronnenberg house, which is a centerpiece at Mounds State Park, Anderson, In, was built by Frederick Bronnenberg, Jr., in the early 1840s.  He and his wife Hulda Tree began their family in this home.  The bricks were made from the area's clay, the foundation limestone was quarried at the edge of nearby White River, the house's interior trim is of tulip wood taken from the surrounding forest.  This house is one of the oldest in Madison County and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

     I wouldn't call myself a big history buff, but I do love to tour historic homes.   As stated in the brief description above, this home is located at Mounds State Park, where Doug & I often walk the trails.  We got the opportunity to view the inside recently so thought I'd share.
    The Bronnenberg's had TWELVE children.  As I walk through an old house such as this, I try to imagine myself back in those days.  Caring and providing for such a large family would be quite a task, but at the same time, there would have been many hands to help each other.   I can visualize such a group around the dining room table, and almost hear the laughter that must have filled a house with so many youngsters. 

       So many things have changed since those days.   As I noted yesterday, change has been a double-edged sword, in my opinion.  Not too many families sit around the dinner table on a regular basis anymore, and even if they do, it's likely someone's texting at the same time.  I think people back then had even MORE to do in a given day than we do in present times, yet folks tend to eat fast food or microwave something in lieu of regularly preparing tasty fare at home. 

      Things that used to provide entertainment are probably a foreign notion to most people these days.  A game of croquet?  OUTSIDE??  With each other?  I don't have much room to speak as I know I'd be absolutely lost without my laptop, but it seems to me that all this technology has created a society that's lost the ability (or maybe the inclination) to interact one on one.  I wish we'd all give ourselves the gift of slowing down once in a while. 
      Instead of popping a video game or movie in, how about playing a board game or making s'mores around a firepit in the backyard.  Take a walk or go hiking.  Join a club or volunteer somewhere as a family.

     Lest you get the idea I've completely romanticized everything about that era, I'll admit that I'm glad sleeping accomodations have improved through the years.

This is the master bed & not only was the mattress lop-sided, but sharing with another person would prove challenging!

     The closet space strikes me as less than adequate, but I must remind myself that back then our society wasn't so materialistic.  There's enough room for the few outfits they owned.  Ironing those few articles of clothing would have taken forever, though.....

Old irons
   Last but not least, I cannot imagine sharing a bathroom with ELEVEN other people, can you!??!


  1. that was a fun day touring this old house with the one that I love