Sunday, August 28, 2011

Simple Joys

Saturday we had Doug's granddaughters spend the night for the first time since we've been married & moved into this new house.  Glorious time!  We drove over to pick them up, and noticed all of their little suitcases & overnight bags lined up in the driveway----first hint that they were excited. 

We took them to ShadySide park, where all three had a great time at the playground--awesome playground, by the way.  The ice cream truck happened to swing through so naturally we HAD to get snow cones. 

We went for a short walk near one of the lakes, and spotted some turtles and fish in the water.  We've already talked about bringing a picnic to that park next time they stay with us. 

~Read the tree..."Smile, you are beautiful" ~



Quality time with me is usually centered around the kitchen, cooking something.  Yesterday I made cupcakes and had the girls decorate them with all sorts of sprinkles and edible glitter, etc. as a surprise to take back and share with their parents.

They did such beautiful work!



After a dinner of mac & cheese & hot dogs, we settled down to watch a couple of movies.  The girls picked out two of the dumbest, most scary flicks, but I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat because a couple of them snuggled up with ME on the couch. So sweet!  They got big kicks out of the fact that I'm easily scared by such movies, so the youngest granddaughter claimed she'd "protect" me.  She commenced to rub my hand during the rest of the movie.  ~ Melt. 

This morning we opened our bedroom door to find the 3 sitting right!   Today everyone crowded into our bed as we drank our coffee.  Makes me smile to think about it.  I made pancakes & sausage for the crowd & just a short while ago we delivered them back to the parents.

I miss them already. 

Doug's two grandsons will surely give me plenty to blog about when they come for an overnight stay soon.  This is just one of the many reasons we chose to move.  We wanted to be closer to family (& friends) and this weekend reinforced it all for us. 


  1. Great post! Oh yes, two little red-headed boys will certainly provide you with PLENTY of blog material! :)

  2. How fun that the girls helped you to decorate. I am a new follower from Blog Frog. Vicky from

  3. Vicky, welcome!! I am now following your blog (I think...looks like I liked a FB page?) and on Twitter. It looks like you have some great ideas for young kids on your creative!